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Primary School Tournaments

Primary League 2019-20:

Coordinators - Louisa & Erica Drever 

Update as at Tuesday 23rd August

We are still awaiting on confirmed bookings for our Primary League due to some unavailability on our required days due to events in the Pickaquoy Arena.  We will update as soon as possible, however we are hoping the seeding's tournament will be the weekend of 28/29 September 2019 or 5/6 October 2019, so schools and coaches should prepare for these dates. 

We are also still awaiting on confirmation on the league sponsor for the year ahead.  

Louisa and Erica will send out details to the schools as soon as they can. 

League Dates: 

Seeding Tournament - date TBC

League Day 1 - date TBC

League Day 2 - date TBC

League Day 3 - date TBC

League Day 4 - date TBC

League Day 5 - date TBC

Primary Knockout - date TBC

P4/5 Festival Dates:

Dates TBC

Peedie Schools Tournament 

Date TBC