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Netball Orkney Constitution

Revised January 2021 - click here to access

Payments made to Senior Treasurer:  

For anyone paying money into the senior account, income payments must be accompanied by either a printed sheet for cash and cheque payments given to the senior treasurer, or a e-voucher emailed to for any payments being made by Bank Transfer: 

Expenses Reclaim: 

Should you require to claim any expenses back from either the Junior or Senior treasurer, please download and complete the form below: 

Additional Netball Orkney Documentation:

Netball Scotland Privacy Notice

Netball Scotland Wellbeing & Child Protection Policy

Netball Scotland Anti-Bullying Policy - Children & Young People

Netball Scotland Wellbeing and Adult Protection Policy

Netball Scotland Equality Policy

Netball Scotland Health, Safety & Risk Assessment Guidance

Fair Play Statement & Code of Conduct

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