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2015-16 Senior Awards Night

Held on 21 April 2016
Harray Hall
Harray Hall
Individual Awards
Maeshowe League
Maeshowe Winners - Team Spam
Minehowe League
Minehowe League Winners, Mustangs
Midhowe League
Midhowe League Winners, Olympians
Ortak Quaich Winners, Mustangs
Geeza Chance Player's Player
Final Flingers Players Player
Isles United Players Player
Firebirds Players Player Winner
Team Spam Players Player
Westies Players Player
Mavericks Players Player
Olympians Players Player
Dolly Mixture Players Player
79ers Players Player
Artful Dodgers Players Player
Phoenix Players Player
Titans Players Player
Mustangs Players Player
Ortak Cup - Most Improved
Ortak Quaich Most Improved
Individual Trophy Winners
2016 Junior Inter County Team
Photo Booth
Photo Booth
Photo Booth
Results of 2015-16 Awards



Maeshowe – winners Team Spam

Midhowe – winners Olympians

Minehowe – winners Mustangs

Special mention to 79ers and Dolly Mixtures who were moved up to the Minehowe league this year – well done for your achievements.



The Ortak cup was split into 3 leagues this year, and Ortak kindly gifted a new cup to Netball Orkney for this league

Ortak Plate – winners 97ers (not in attendance)

Ortak Cup – winners BurRons (not in attendance)

Ortak Quaich – winners Mustangs



Firth Whisbees

Winner –  Erin Montgomery (not in attendance)

Geeza Chance

Winner –  Maura Roberts 

Final Flingers

Consistently gives her all, strong defender in all games

Winner –   Lynda Russell  (not in attendance team captain Karen Johnstone collected on her behalf)

Isles United

A very hard working player, strong part of the team, is always there, attends extra training, encourages the rest of her team

Winner –  Amy Rendall


She has excellent movement in the circle, consistent shooting, level headed and encouraging to team players. Shooting got 100% better and knew where to receive the ball in the circle.

Winner –  Kirsten Sinclair (not in attendance – team captain Lorraine Odie to collect on her behalf)

Team Spam

Her team mates said she is an excellent player, very positive and motivating attitude. She’s a consistent player and supports all players when on/off court.

Winner –  Morag Ewing


She never misses a game or training session, is encouraging on court, and has great fitness and determination throughout the game right until the end.

Winner –  Paige Archibald


This player is considered consistent, adaptable, encouraging, and a team player.

Winner –  Rose Rendall (not in attendance – team captain Catherine Foubister collected on her behalf)

Dolly Mixtures

Her team said that she should be the player’s player after breaking her wrist at netball and being back playing within a short time.

Winner –   Lorraine Harvey


Winner –   Alice Scott


She has defended brilliantly in a very tough season for us. Worked hard this season – had to! Consistent and dependable. Great defending, an excellent player.

Winner –  Dee Dee Deerness

Artful Dodgers

Winner –   Lara Hourie


Winner –  Lauren Gilmour (not in attendance – Julie Campbell collected on her behalf)



Although this person was already a great player, I feel she has been consistent, had a real determination to increase her fitness and her vision in a game is brilliant (and very hard to play against)

Winner –  Claire Wilson


She is reliable, always tries extremely hard an incredibly fit! She is a lovely player to watch and I love her competitiveness

Winner –  Vikki Budge




Ortak Plate

Winner - Julia Mollison, Geeza Chance (not in attendance – team captain Nickie Milne collected on her behalf)

Ortak Cup

Her shooting has improved so much this year along with her movement within the circle.

Winner - Sarah Harvey, Westies. (not in attendance – team captain Paige Archibald collected on her behalf)

Ortak Quaich

Her confidence has increased, fitness has improved so she is now more consistent with her cardio in her games, shooting has also improved a lot. Had grown in confidence. First time in top league, came in as a shooter but quickly transitioned in to centre court due to lack of centre court players.

Winner - Anna Taylor, Titans

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