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2018-19 Awards Night ​

Thank you to everyone who voted for the members of their teams to win awards.  Below are all the reasons which were supplied against the voting.



Donna Wilson

Boasts team morale. Super player. Happy to play anywhere


Kelsie HutchisonWINNER Players’ Player

Great shooter, puts in 100%

Outstanding season from start to finish. Shooting has been on point and great space/positioning awareness.

Great little player


Lizzy WallsWINNER Most Improved

Always makes effort to come to every game. Shooting is always on point and makes good space in the circle.

Confidence has grown throughout the season. A competent and reliable shooter, just needs a peedie nudge.


Raeann Hutchison

Constantly encouraging us to play the best we can during the game, as well as giving really helpful constructive criticism that really shows in our game play when applied.


Gina Marshall

Throughout the season they have really sped up their reaction time, which has meant that we have been able to pass the ball up court so much quicker. They also always find a great position on the outside of the semi circle that really helps out our GA and GS if they need it.

Determined player and doesn’t give up


Freya JohnstonWINNER Most Improved

Becoming more confident each game

Has really come at over the season.




Annette SinclairWINNER Most Improved

Annette’s done a great job organising us and always encouraging us on and off court.

She has improved so much on her balance and shooting throughout and manages to get into spaces to receive the ball to shoot

Shooting has been very good this season, a great asset to the team

Her determination this year has been fantastic!


Caron OagWINNER Most Improved

She's always where she needs to be, had some impressive interceptions. A great addition to the team.

She only joined us this season but has been a credit to the team. She has played varied positions and has grown in confidence through out the season. We have been very lucky to have her.

Always willing to switch positions & can adapt well, defending or attacking she always works hard & is becoming more & more speedy Well done!

Caron has played brilliantly, never gives up, is a great defender and centre court player.


Karen Ritch

Fantastic defender and very good centre court. Reliable and gives 100% every week.

Excellent defender, encouraging to team mates, reliable, fiercely competitive but clean, fair player. Well done!


Sarah Thomson WINNER Players’ Player

She is a dedicated team player who is an incredible shooter. She is very reliable and plays her heart out every week.

Unreal at shooting no matter where she is in the circle. Also manages to help out up the court when we’re struggling

A fantastic shooter and never gives up!!




Ingrid Norquay WINNER Players’ Player

Ingrid is an asset to the team. Always gives 100% and willing to play anywhere she is needed. She is a miss when we dont have her.

for her strength, unfaltering doggedness and effort at both ends of the court!

One of our most dedicated players, happy to play anywhere and had developed some serious shooting skills....and always up for a laugh!

Ingrid is a great all round player. She can play in various positions and adapts to whatever is needed for each game.


Kim McEwen

Most consistent throughout league, never gives up and always positive. Fab team player xx

Played a variety of positions this year and embraced each and everyone! Picked up a lot of new skills in doing so.

Kim has been a solid defender but has also stepped in at GA/GS when needed.


Laura McLennan

Always turns up, puts in a solid performance and runs her little socks off!


Loren Groat

For powering on through with the broken finger!!!!


Mairi FleetWINNER Most Improved

This season Mairi seems to have been much more confident in her abilities and it has really shown on the court. I think she has had a great season and has defended brilliantly.

Her defending has came on leaps and bounds since Christmas. More determined and consistent

Mairi has played really well this season, loads of interceptions, rebounds and marking much tighter


Marie Montgomery

For owning the circle

Marie has come on leaps and bounds this season and is learning how to use those wonderful long arms and legs to her best defensive advantage!



Betty Stanger

she's just awesome really!!  Turns up (usually after squash) plays flat out, gives us any necessary pep talks, and frequently stays after to ref.  Thank you Betty, you're a 🌟


Dee Dee Dearness WINNER Players’ Player

Dee Dee is a lovely 'clean' player. Good reading of the game and full of enthusiasm and encouragement for the whole team

Really improved - lots of great interceptions throughout all the games.

What a great player, gone from strength to strength in the defending circle.


Karin Spence

She’s enthusiastic and very much a team player - her shooting ain’t bad either!!!😜

A great shooter who is just improving game on game a super player. Always fun and happy on court


Katell Roche

Katell's shooting has been really good this year


Nicola Tait

She plays well in centre court and had come back strong this season...a great defender always trying hard

Great movement on the court


Sheila Shearer WINNER Players’ Player

Brilliant defending and interceptions and always there to receive a pass.

Committed captain and rock in defence.


Nicola CroyWINNER Most Improved

She's actually played great from the start.  But joining a new team isn't always easy..but she's been fab, and a pleasure to play with


Susan Thornton

Soo is great support in the attack, has a fantastic creative feed into the circle but also keeps the team calm and keeps control up throughout the court. Soo has really been great asset to 79ers since day 1 the team was made I believe playing in a variety of positions from defence, centre court and attack. 😍


Tanya Blowfield WINNER Most Improved

Due to having a few centre court players Tanya has been willing to step into positions she might not necessarily see herself playing but by having what we see as being a natural defensive player she has a great impact as a GK and had some unreal stepped in games at GK for the team! YES Tanya you versatile player!




Michelle GarsonWINNER Most Improved

Dependable member of the team. Will play any position required and never complains, she just gets on with it.

Her speed and skills have improved so much this season, she’s always where you need her to be on court and never gives up fighting until the end.

Always trying her best


Paula Kemp

Plays nearly every week, happy to play different positions & even umpired one week.


Tanya Leslie

It's great to have her back in the team she originally started up.


Sally Laughton

She’s as competitive as me! Willing to try and position. Gives it her all even when she’s not feeling 100%

Sally has once again this year improved playing defence.


Paige Archibald

Always encourages others


Vicki Cursiter

She was able to play a range of positions consistently well without breaking her stride!


Cheryl Kelday

Been thrown in at the deepend, playing some full games against tough competition. Gives it her all and has progressed hugely from WD to GK


Rhiann Campbell WINNER Players’ Player

Consistent and strong in the attacking circle but also defends the whole way down the court, never giving up!

Dedicated and great season shooting

Her movement around the circle and her shooting keeps improving every game.



Aileen Flett

She always encourages everybody

Has always been a fantastic shooter but has definitely improved massively throughout the Thursday league and rarely misses a shot.

She has worked hard all season and put in a lot of effort


Chloe WoodWINNER Players’ Player

Always encouraging to other team members

Always shouting on our team and supporting us in the game


Martha Hall

She always encourages us.

Always plays to best of ability, never gives up.


Ann Lennie

Has improved in her defence


Carmen SandisonWINNER Most Improved

Has improved so much over the season

She has been playing really well!




Jennifer Scott

Can always hear encouraging shouts from the other end of the court.


Laura Cogle WINNER Players’ Player

Great team player

Hard working and enthusiastic

Felt she was getting into position far better than last year so was available for a pass when needed. Never complains and just gets on with the game 😁

Worked hard all season


Melanie Smith

Sticks in more and puts a lot more effort in

Hard working and enthusiastic


Morag Ewing WINNER Players’ Player

She is always happy and cheery, even if we have a bad game she makes us all laugh. Morag is encouraging to everyone and really ties the team together.

She works hard, gives her all and always does so with a smile. #firebirdsforthecup


Raina TaitWINNER Players’ Player

Raina is reliable, dependable and never let's the team down. Her shooting has been on form this year and she knows how to work the circle!

Good shooter Always gives 100% works well in the circle


Vanessa Cooper

Vanessa has given her heart and soul this time around no matter what she’s feeling like at the time. She’s a true fighter!

Kristina McPherson – WINNER Most Improved

Kristina has really found her feet and really settled into the team over the past year! I hope she’s enjoyjng being a firebird as much as we are enjoying having her!

I can’t believe how far Kristina has come this season- she’s progressed at a fantastic rate, I’d now hate to play without her, her ballet inspired defence and her sound effects.

Kristina has been a huge asset to the team. She always works hard on court and has arms that seem to be extendable! A great player

Kristina hadn't played since school and has really found her feet in defence. Her confidence has grown week after week and her reading of the game and play has improved massively since the first week.




Gemma ReidWINNER Players’ Player

Able to play multiple positions very well, really improved and very dedicated to the team. Always motivated and improving the play.

She always encourages the team on and off court and always plays to a very high standard!

Steady solid player and always supporting the rest of our team.

Excellent WA who puts some lovely balls into the circle to the shooters.  She is very versatile and is a fantastic GD too!


Jenna Groundwater

Superb at holding her space in the circle and consistent shooting.

Always a good laugh

Used to be bad patter


Joyce Gray

Fantastic shooter and can always rely on her!


Eilidh Warnock

She has developed fantastic feeds in to the circle and has grown to be a very versatile player!


Jenny Heddle WINNER Most Improved

Her confidence has grown and makes great interceptions at centre passes.

Come on so much and willing to give anything a go.


Mia Bentley

Learnt a new area of court, always happy to play and has become a great defender, works so well with the others in the circle.




Jess Patterson

She has been a great team member, playing where ever needed. She has speed and energy and stays very positive. A real great lass to play alongside!


Julia Mitchell WINNER Players’ Player

Julia is a great asset to our eam with her on-point shooting, her height and her positive attitude. Due to a distinct lack of height in the team, Julia is never given the chance for a quarter off, but continues to give her all with a smile on her face.

Great player and always gives support to her teammates.

Julia never has an easy time of it on the pitch as she is marked so hard but every time she gives it her all and does so well for the team.


Julia Mollison

Despite not playing with us before Christmas due to having a beautiful baby girl, she has come back fighting for the second part! Always committed to playing and has gotten right back into the swing of things! Great little player! Like she’s never been away!


Leanne Spence

Always gives it all she’s got, shooting has been on point this season!


Michelle KennedyWINNER Most Improved

Very committed player! Never misses a game and happy to play other positions to help the team out!

Always uplifting the teams sprits. Forever motivating the team and puts forward good decisions about positions.

Michelle is a lovely player who can adapt to different positions on court. She grows with confidence every week.

All round great player!

Michelle joined our team this year and just fitted in straight away and has been a huge asset to our team

Michelle has just started with Starlings this season and has proved to be a valuable player! Very committed. Very rarely missing a game and is happy to play different positions! She has proved herself to be a huge asset to the team and is extremely good at getting free for the ball! She always seems to be in the right place at the right time!



Morven has become a much more confident player who is fighting for the ball and sticking in more and more. It's great to see that feisty attitude!


Nikki Coghill

Always shows commitment in the team! Happy to play positions that she’s not used to to help the team out when needed! Has defiantly improved her playing technique since last year!

Has stepped up to playing in a variety of positions. Her speed and awareness has improved.

I think her confidence has improved over the season and she is able to play in different positions when we need her to. Really super having her on the team!




Christine Sclater

Always full of energy and defends like a true bitch of the pitch


Diane SmithWINNER Players’ Player

Shooting is always excellent and gives 110%!

Amazing shooting

Amazing shooter, makes every shot look effortless! A great team player.

She is a joy to watch and gets better and better every week

Her shooting has always been amazing but her movement within the circle has improved massively over the last season! She is getting into spaces and moving the defenders around, allowing us to get the ball and score the goals!

Even though you’ve always been a good shooter this year you have been exceptionally good! Keep it up!


Kazia Watson

Kazia always plays really well and always had a good input on what to do during games.

Very determined with the right amount of sass


Kelsey Harvey

Kelsey is a great memeber of our team, her commitment is second to none and never misses a game. Always turns up with a fighting spirit. She really shines on court and does some fantastic interceptions. All round brilliant player and has helped us out massively by taking up some reffing this year to.

Always improving on defending skills and always bringing the ball back up the court and a brilliant team player always spurring us on and keeping the team going


Laura Miller

Such a good linking player and her quick passes into the circle are allowing us to score goals, she is always full of energy, keeps going for the whole game and the team doesn’t feel the same when she’s not on the court!


Becca Flett

Confidence and determination in the circle has grown so much


Elaine HarcusWINNER Most Improved

Elaine has definitely found her spot on our team, she’s commited and her confidence has come on leaps and bounds on court, she constantly challenges her opponents by never letting them get away, super fit and a much valued member of wildcatz. Hope she is able to return after her exciting year ahead.

You can rely on her to be a great centre court link.



Came back fighting after knee problems are really became part of the team



Julie Munro

She gives her all at every game and plays attack or defence equally well

She consistently plays at a high level and is a key player for feeding the ball into the circle.


Kitty Work

Gives her all and has remarkable fitness throughout the whole game

Most determined and great captain


Lynda RussellWINNER Players’ Player

She keeps everyone right and motivates everyone even on slow/butter finger days every game was fun!

Outstanding defender

Gives her all but has a laugh


Alanna BrownWINNER Most Improved

Second year playing in our team she has gained confidence which shows in her game play.

Confidence has improved which has let her talent shine through.


Cassie Adams

She started as a new member of the team and has continued to grow in confidence. Her awareness of the space on court has improved and her passing gets more and more accurate game by game.


Karen Johnstone

Why no


Sarah Work

Sarah has grown in confidence throughout the Yr and has played well in centre court and defence

Plays Attack, Defence and Shoots, been steady and reliable all season and happy playing anywhere.



We all made improvements in our play. I noticed that in myself.




Alice Peace WINNER Players’ Player

Alice is always positive and a great team player. She’s always happy to help the team when she can, plus her shooting has been fab this season!

consistent shooting, has perfected "The Alice". great to play alongside always happy and encouraging!

Alice’s shooting has been on fire this year again. Her perfection of “the Alice shot” has been outstanding. Taking her shots from anywhere especially the distant ones. Fab team player

She is a fantastic team mate and is an absolutely amazing shooter. She can be standing on the edge of the circle and the ball will fly into the hoop. We are very lucky to have her in our team!

Alice's shooting is amazing and she's a great team player


Janice Muir

For her amazing shooting skills. And also for her dedication to the team by umpiring many games on their behalf


Lauren Copland

Fantastic defence, making countless interceptions and causing the breakdown of many an attack.


Lorna Robertson

Lorna is a brilliant team player. She is always in the right spot to help the shooter’s out in the circle.


Leanne Gray

Leanne has always been a fab shooter but has been thrown into centre court this season playing different positions due to team mate illness or injury and has become fantastic at these positions too and knows where she wants to be and quickly. Really impressed in her play especially with sometimes changing position 2-3 times a game.

Fabulous shooting. Increasingly consistent as the season progressed and brilliant versatility.


Lorraine Davidson

An excellent player to have around the semi circle for her quick passes to the shooters.


Sandra Rendall

much more confidence, cracking interceptions.  Quietly goes about her job and then puts in a killer interception when you least expect it!

Sandra has defended superbly this season. Always putting in maximum effort.


Suzy FrazerWINNER Most Improved

Suzy was new to our team this year having not played for years. She’s became a great defender and always puts in 100% when she’s on court!

She just started with us this year and she felt she wasn’t very confident with the rules but she has done fantastically. Her interceptions are amazing and she zooms around the court with ease. You have been a great addition to the team Suzy!

Suzy's great at intercepting and she's super fast on court



Anne GarsonWINNER Players’ Player

Always willing to play the unenviable role of centre brilliantly and is a central member of the team

Always supportive and cheering everybody on. A real team player


Ruth OmandWINNER Players’ Player


Consistently awesome defender

Great defence


Karen Shearer

Good hands, reliable

Has played outstanding this year in any position she is given


Liz JohnstonWINNER Most Improved

Having gone from not playing since primary school to an essential member of the team, versatile in many positions and plays her heart out every game

New player settled in well


Marie Nicolson

Great teamwork and encouragement. Communication very good on court.




Sharon Heddle

Always a great support to the team!


Cherie Grieve

Good all round player!


Diane Kelday

Always plays a really good game. Also keeps the rest of the team motivated.


Julia Sclater

Always nice and friendly on and off the court x

Julia has improved so much this season and is on super form. Her shooting is reliable, she can put great balls into the circle and her pace is great. Her and Mhairi have been really clicked playing together.

Her confidence has grown loads. Always plays a good game


Mhairi LinklaterWINNER Players’ Player

Has been a great asset to the team and it’s all round a super player!

Mhairi has made a huge difference to our team in the centre court.  She gives 100% all the time and shows lots of skill.  She brings great energy to our team.

Mhairi came into our team to replace someone who is pregnant, and has been a fantastic addition.  She is a very skilled WA and C, and always knows where to be.  She is quick and can get the ball up the court effortlessly.  When someone new joins a team, it can sometimes take a minute for everyone to gel, however Mhairi slotted in perfectly and it feels like she has been part of our team since the beginning.

Mhairi has just joined our team this season & her impact has been huge. She’s always where she should be and puts in some amazing balls to the circle. She gives it her all in every game.


Deborah Pepper

Her confidence and skills have improved beyond recognition! X


Nicola Kenyon WINNER Most Improved

Nicola has continued to improve this season, providing a really strong defence.  She’s always looking to improve her game by watching others and going to extra training.

Nicola's defending has improved so much this season from last year.  Her confidence on court has grown and proved to be a strong defender.

Has became a super defender,  does great interceptions. Works really hard in the circle.


Shona Brown

Confidence has really came on and her shooting has improved so much!

More accurate with scoring goals and getting into a better position for getting a ball into the circle




Claire IrvineWINNER Players’ Player

Always happy, motivating and just an amazing player!

She's a great player

Always so cheery and a joy to be around


Heather Spence

Reliable. Encouraging


Leanne Aim

Always gives 100% and (usually!) keeps a cool heid! Has been a very well organised and enthusiastic Captain and kept us all right this season.

Always organised, has fun at the heart of it and keeps us all involved

Consistently good, in almost any position!

Always organised, has fun at the heart of it and keeps us all involved


Dawn Copland

Consistent, determined and great team player

Total consistency in the defensive circle

Determination has remained so strong and always impresses me


Kay Gilmour

Kay has had a fantastic season of shooting!


Michelle Hutcheon WINNER Most Improved

A great addition to the team this year and always up for a game

First year playing and she's been great and fairly come on over the season

Much improved Fun!

Speedy and reliable on the wings!


Marianne Allan

Got better and better as the season went on and never gave up in the tougher games Had a great season. Playing really consistently and showing lots of grit


Coral Cumming

Shooting (and confidence in her shooting) has improved since the beginning of the season.


Lizzie Peebles 

Has risen to the challenge in every position she has been put in and done fantastic feats of acrobatics too!



Adele Flett

Always encouraging and is happy to do whatever is needed

She has come out of her shell with our team and she has really improved


Claire CoyleWINNER Most Improved

A team player who is always positive

Her confidence has come on leaps and bounds!

gives 100% in every single game! Great first season in our team and her shooting has been unbelievable!! ☺

Her improvement in her shooting and movement on court has been amazing to watch. She takes on board every comment and tries her hardest which makes for a great team member! Although extremely quiet the team would be lost without her.

Her confidence has really improved this season. She has fitted in well to the team and has taken on her shooting role with ease


Kirsty Drever

She’s an amazing captain and always plays her very best

She always gives 100%. She’s determined and is a great captain


Leah Thomson WINNER Players’ Player

She turns up every week and always gives her best

Reliable player, never misses a game! Very encouraging player on the court and has been a great asset to the team ☺

Always gives 100% and encourages others.

Amazing commitment to the team. Always positive and encourages players on and off the court. Gives every game she’s got and shows great sportsman ship.


Ellis Kerr

Commitment of shooting and constant determination


Gina McMahon

She’s improved so much this season and it’s been noticed by lots of folk


Hana Borek

Grown in confidence and always tries her best.




Bethan Dowell

Always seen her as a great player but her defensive skills have come on so much, she never gives up and is good at a tactical spew ;) Always fighting and pushing herself in every game for the team!


Catrin Sutherland

Steady in defence and an absolute bomb at getting rebounds!

Controls the circle very well and always motivates other team members. She has improved her timing which had made great at intercepting passes.


Freya StevensonWINNER Players’ Player

She has been our strongest player this year! When everyone seems to tire out she runs faster and really supports the team. Her shooting and attitude towards the game is a huge advantage for the team.

Has great technique, comes to every game fully motivated and although she used to play centre court she is amazing at shooting.


Carolynn Leslie WINNER Most Improved

Was thrown in at the deep end but has grown in confidence to become a very reliable mid courter.

New member to the team and has fit in so well! Always there for an option and pushes herself in every game, always smiling too!


Lara Hourie

Has improved her game across a few different positions she has played this year. She’s a huge asset to the team and has been really consistent.




Amy Rendall WINNER Most Improved

She has been our most improved player season on season and I think this year she has been outstanding and extremely worthy of player of the year

Amy is consitent every week and has been a key member of the team

Unbelievable lean and outstanding interceptions!!!

Continues to improve every year but this year has perfected her lean and timing on a shot to pick up many tips and cause held balls.

A hugely improved player since she started.  Her confidence has really grown this season

Amy just keeps on improving & is having her best season ever!


Jennie PicklesWINNER Most Improved

Forever getting clean intercepts all over the court, especially around circle edge. Very reliable player

Always a strong player, but improved greatly this year

Jennie has always been a great player, this year she has been outstanding in her position and defending so much play before it reaches the attacking circle.


Lauren Gilmour

For her amazing shooting & flair in the circle!


Rebecca ScottWINNER Players’ Player

Always gives 100% and made a great contribution to our team this year.

A strong and vocal player all season, consistently performing well.

Rebecca has played in nearly every position on the court and given it her all, even while having problems health wise


Christine Tulloch

Christine has played a lot more this year


Lisa Groundwater

Taken on new positions and continued to improve in each.


Molly Anderson

Great movement in and out of the circle.




Inga Kemp WINNER Players’ Player

Is able to be put in any position, always gives good advice

"Inga is such a dedicated member of  The Mustangs. Always providing guidance and encouragement to team

members and ALWAYS gives 110% every time. She dominates our centre court and we’d be lost without her!"

Inga is the most amazing player to be in a team with.  She is an inspiration with her endless amount of energy and motivation.  She always gives her all and more in every game.  She has drive, grit and determination on the court.  She will play wherever she is needed.  She keeps us calm when we need it but also gives us a much needed boot up the bum too.  Iris is also a legend with her endless supply of much needed sweeties.

Inga is consistently the glue that holds our team together through the court. She is versatile and can actually play in any position if needed, whether it be shooting or defending. She is someone we can always rely on.

Always plays hard , good encouragement to all players and always there for the next pass

Can always rely on Inga to be there for each match, she’s an excellent player and is willing to give constructive criticism when she feels it’s needed, which is much appreciated when trying to improve my own game.


Laura Leonard

Her shooting has been brilliant this season. She is a great team player and turns up each week and give us 100% and a laugh!


Pamela Robertson

I love Pams determination,  strength and knowledge of the game. She powers through and doesn't let her illness get in the way - I admire that :)


Erica Tait

Erica has gone from strength to strength this season.  Her fitness is amazing.  Despite working shifts she makes it to every game.  She is determined and always strives to do her very best for her and the team.  She takes on extra training herself and always works her very hardest.  She is very supportive on court.  She has played a variety of positions this year and is excellent everywhere she turns her hand to.

I feel Erica has really committed this season to improve on all aspects of her play. She has also played in all areas of the court this season and has adapted her play when this has happened. She is a reliable member of the team.

Can play any position within the team and being doing so well as GA this season


Helen Johnstone WINNER Most Improved

Huge difference in shooting and the way she moves around the court and holding position

Helen comes along every week, gets stuck in and plays with a smile. She is an asset to our team and it's great to see her enjoy it :)

Helen has improved so much this season. She’s worked hard on improving her game and has had some excellent shooting performances throughout our season. She’s also awesome at getting the rebounds!!!




Kristi Rendall

Always plays well

Unreal every game


Maddie Macdonald

Can play any position very well


Rachel Mills

Always has the determination to do well and gives it her all

This guy is my hero. Always up for a fight and loves to knock people out. She’s improved so much with interceptions and backline passes


Zara Flett WINNER Players’ Player

Her shooting accuracy helps our team massively as we can count on her to get the shot in everytime

Unreal guy, always up for a battle and never gives up. One of our two Scottish netball players, star.

For a start damm that girl can shoot! Such a strong player in our team. Always goes on fighting and never gives up. So unreal at getting her rebounds (if there ever is any)

Gets all her shots in


Charis Reid WINNER Most Improved

Movement around the circle edge has improved, especially reaching for the low passes into the circle

her shooting has improved immensely

Her shooting and confidence has come on leaps and bounds

Improved a lot


Jodie Brown

Her shooting technique has improved a lot throughout league and she gets her shots in almost every time

Confidence has grown throughout season

Her shooting has improved massively. And when she plays out of the circle she get into the open space


Tegan spence

Good at adapting to different positions and making good decisions

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