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Junior League 2023-24 Season

The final Junior League day was on Sunday 24th March. This season we decided to trial having Primary 7 age players in the Junior League in the hope that this would increase the skills of the P7 ones taking part and get them playing 7 aside netball. With the younger players entering the league, there were enough to divide them up into two leagues. One league having the Primary 7's and Secondary 1's then the Secondary 2's and 3's in the other league. 

The improvement that has came from all the players throughout the age groups has been incredible to see. Many of the older players guiding and supporting the youngers players has been fantastic and has helped make the league a great success. With over a 100 boys and girls taking part, the future is looking bright for our Junior and Senior leagues. 

The final league results were as follows:

S2/3 group were split into two leagues - mixing up teams after the first one. The winners were Team Eday of the first league and Team Brodgar of the second league. The P7/S1 group played one league and the winners were Team Graemsay. Well done to all the teams.


A big thank you to Karen for organising the league this year and also thank you to all the folk that offered to Umpire. The S3's took turn about this year to umpire and did a excellent job. Lastly, thank you to all the parent helpers that came along to timekeep or keep score with the kids. Without your help we just couldn't run the league to the level it is at. 

                        TEAM EDAY                                                 TEAM BRODGAR                                                     TEAM GRAEMSAY

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